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Aluminum Frame Replacement Windows


Now that you have decided on the style of window you want, your next step is choosing the type of window frame.  The least expensive and possible the most common are aluminum frame replacement windows.  The reason for this is as Iíve already stated they are inexpensive.  Other benefits include the fact that they are lightweight, strong, durable, and require very low-maintenance.  When you mention aluminum window frames, many quickly think of ugly, dual, gray metal frames that distract from your home.  This is not the case any more.  You can now purchase aluminum frame widows in a verity of factory-baked enamel colors.  Many of the less expensive aluminum windows are only available in white, cream or ivory, brown and black, but some of the more expensive aluminum windows are available in colors that will complement any scheme. 


There are however, a significant disadvantage with aluminum window frames and that is their ability to conduct heat and cold.  Aluminum greatly raises the total U-factor (heat-loss) of the window.  In such warm climate areas where solar gain is important, in order to conserve energy you may want to consider windows with a higher-performance glazing system.  In addition, in cold weather climates, aluminum frame windows have been known to have moisture or frost condense on the inside of the windows. 




Aluminum Window Frames with Thermal Break:


Aluminum windows that have standard thermal breaks are more energy efficient.  Thermal breaks use a material that is less conductive such as plastic and separates the window frame into interior and exterior sections and reduced the U-factor of the aluminum frame.