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What is Double-Glazing? 


Double-glazing is when the window is formed by using two panes of glass with a space between the panes.  The space between the two panes is generally only several millimeters thick.  The air or gas trapped between the panes of glass form an insulating layer. 


Double-glazing windows have to be airtight in order to provide the utmost efficiency.  When condensation forms between the two panes this indicates that the window is not airtight, nor is it energy efficient, and should be replaced.  Double-glazing windows cannot be repaired.


Approximately 60% of a homes heat is lost through standard, single pane windows.  Double-glazing substantially reduces the amount of heat loss and quickly reduces energy bills by approximately 10 to 12%.


Double-glazing is also environmentally friendly as it reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emissions.  Installing double-glazed windows reduce your heating bills, helps the environment and they also cut down on noise pollution and internal condensation.