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Sometimes its easy to tell if your home is not energy-efficient.  You feel drafts around your windows, they become fogged or frosted or gaps between the window and wall foundation and of course—high-energy bills. However, some causes of energy loss are more difficult to diagnose, such as not enough insulation in your walls and attic.  The following tips are some methods to detect where your home may be losing energy.


  • You can check for drafts around windows and doors by holding a tissue next to the window or doorjambs on a windy day.  Some people will tell you to use a candle, however due to risk of fire, we recommend that you use a tissue.  If the tissue moves due to a breeze, the weather-stripping is not sufficient and needs to be replaced.

  • Measure the temperature in several different areas of the room.  When there is difference of more than one or two degrees in the room, this indicates that the room is poorly insulated, and that any windows and exterior doors are not sealed correctly.

  • Have an energy audit performed on your home.  Many power companies provide this service for free, while other companies will provide you with an energy audit kit.

  • Monitor your energy usage yearly, this way you will be able to detect any unexplained increases of power usage.  If you do notice unexplained increases, then consider having an energy audit performed on your home.


The average home can have several tiny leaks that when combined could add up to that of a 2 to 3 foot hole, accounting for approximately 1/3 of the total energy loss of a home.