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Today, more and more window manufacturers are turning to hybrid frame designs to give homeowners more options to choose from as far as window designs.  Hybrid windows combine two or more of the best window framing materials to a complete window system and produce a superior product.  A few examples of this would be wooden window frames that have been coated with either vinyl or enamel coated aluminum to reduce exterior maintenance for the homeowner.  Another example is that manufacturers of vinyl window frames offer wood veneers on the interior frame so that homeowners can have the desired interior look they want.  In the quest to achieve a more energy efficient and visually pleasing window, it is very likely that in the next few years we will see an increasing number of hybrid designs by manufacturers. 


However, homeowners have to educate themselves about hybrid windows and the maintenance feature and options that each offer for both their interior and exterior appearances.  Before purchasing hybrid window however, it is suggested that the homeowner read the NFRC label for the thermal property of the windows you are interested in purchasing, because of the differences in thermal properties between the products used in creating the hybrid window.











Most individuals are familiar with wood composite products.  Composites are laminated strand lumber and particleboard, or wood particles and resins compressed to form a product.  Manufacturers of wooden window have advanced this process so that they can create wood-polymer composites.  Wood composite windows are paintable and possess the same structural and thermal properties as traditional wooden windows, but also have the moisture resistance, and decay resistance of vinyl.  Composite windows also help the environment by reusing scraps of wood, which would normally have been discarded, thus we use fewer trees in the manufacturing of the windows.


Fiberglass window frames have very similar properties as vinyl window frames.  Fiberglass window frames are stronger than vinyl, are very durable, and have air cavities.  Many times, these cavities are insulated, making fiberglass frames more energy efficient than wood or insulated vinyl frames.