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For most of us, we don’t look forward to cleaning windows.  In fact, the average homeowner only cleans their windows approximately every two to three years.  For all of us, who grudgingly clean our windows, there is a new type of window on the market that cleans themselves when exposed to sunlight, removing such things as dirt, tree resin, fingerprints, etc.  The technology behind these wonderful windows is based on nanotechnology.
Self-cleaning windows have only appeared on the market in the past two years.  The first self-cleaning windows were introduced were Pilkington’s Activ, these were followed by PPG Industries’ SunClean glass.  However, as interest in these windows and the products produced by these two companies increased, more and more window companies will accept and produce self-cleaning windows.
Self-cleaning windows owe their amazing “cleaning” property to a coating of titanium dioxide (TiO2).  TiO2 is a white pigment known as titanium white, or pigment white 6, and is used in such products as paints, paper, plastics, and toothpaste.  When used on window glass, a very thin layer of TiO2 is integrated onto the glass surface while the glass is still in the molten state, so that TiO2 will not wear from the window.
This very thin layer or titanium dioxide has two benefits to the window.  First, it as a photocatalysis, which means that in the presence of UV radiation, titanium dioxide increases the oxidation process, which breaks down organic material.  The broken down dirt, and crude is then easier to remove. 
The second benefit of titanium dioxide is that it reduces the amount of surface tension of water, which hits the surface of the window glass surface.  This causes the water to run in a sheet off the glass.  As the water runs off the window, it washes away the loosened dirt, dust, and debris.  This means that now to clean your windows all you have to haul out is the hose to simple wash off the dirt.  These windows dry without water spots or streaking.
However, unfortunately the titanium dioxide is only applied to the exterior surface of the window, so you will still have to clean the inside of your windows.  Oh, well, at least half of the job is done for us.