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Vinyl Window Frames


Vinyl is a relatively new material for window framing, yet in the past few years it has gained in popularity.  Vinyl is also known as PVC or polyvinyl chloride, has several great benefits such as being a versatile plastic, nearly completely maintenance free, and offers insulating properties similar to wooden window frames.  There are a few minor differences, between wood and vinyl window.  For one thing, vinyl window frames are moisture resistance, which means that they do not rot, and they do not require painting.  There are several manufacturers that offer laminated interior wood surface that can be painted or stained.  In the past few years, major advances have been made with vinyl so that it is more resistant to fading and cracking from sunlight and extreme temperature.



Insulated Vinyl Window Frames


Insulated vinyl window frames have the same characteristics as vinyl window frames, with the main difference between them being that insulated vinyl window frames have enhanced thermal performance.  As their name indicates, these windows have had an insulation placed inside of the hollow cavities of the frame, which makes them thermally better than standard vinyl or even wooden window frames.  Having better energy efficient windows will help lower your energy bills.