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Growing up on the coast, we always had spring-cleaning and autumn-cleaning.  Needless to say as a child, I hated it with a passion.  However, as an adult with a home of my own, I soon discovered the reasoning behind this twice a year ritual, especially where my windows are concerned.  By taking the time to carefully inspect, clean and repair your windows you ensure that your home will be protected against the outside elements.

Cleaning and Lubricating:


On storm windows, aluminum and vinyl tracks dirt has a tendency to build up causing the windows to bind and not open smoothly.  You want to clean the tracks on the windows first with a hand vacuum, and old toothbrush to remove the dirt.  Next, clean the weather stripping with a household cleaner, then wash and wipe away the dirt.  Some cleaners contain solvents that will damage vinyl-clad windows.  Before using, test the cleaner on a small hidden area of the window first.


If your windows bind, due to paint on the weather stripping, soap will remove paint from vinyl weather stripping as well as metal and plastic runners.


Once youíve cleaned the window track, coat it with wax or soap.  Since wax is waterproof it last longer.  For windows with metal edges, which run on metal tracks, use a lubricant such as: penetrating oils, silicone spray, and powdered graphic.



Caulking and Weather-Stripping:


Most people think about weather-stripping and caulking windows a project that should only be done in the fall or winter.  However, if you live in a warm climate, you donít want all your air-conditioned air, cooling the great outdoors.  Therefore, its good to check the caulking and weather-stripping around your windows in the spring as well.

When buying caulk, always purchase colors that match your home exterior.  You can estimate half a cartridge per window and an extra cartridge to fill in gaps around your vents, pipes, and other openings.  You also want to purchase clear caulking to apply around the interior of your windows for added protection.


When buying weather-stripping, metal and metal-reinforced is always more durable than products made strictly of rubber, plastic, or foam.  It is important however to know that plastic, rubber, and foam weather-stripping has a wide range of quality.