4 Fun Shutter Styles for Windows 

If you have windows, you should probably have windows shutter. It’s very useful, it can be used against curious looks, against dazzling sunlight, you can adjust the content of daylight. Besides all that, you can harmonize it with the house or windows style. If you are full of beans, you can use your shutters for fun and enjoy every time you take a look at it.  

So, there are many ways to entertain yourself, your family, neighbors, and passers by with these 4 shutter styles. 

First, this one is very simple but very creative and fun. You can use it on every window in your house, but it will best fit in children’s room. It’s shutter with different colors. It looks like a rainbow. You can mix all kind of colors and when you use your shutter it will be magic. Your kid’s room will look like the land of fairy tales. Best thing is that you can also use regular, white shutters and paint it with your kids. Allows you great fun even while you do it. 

The second one is also very creative. You can use all kind of shutters but this one will improve your mood for sure. When you use this shutter, you can protect yourself from sun and brightness but also you practically get painting. You wonder how to do that? Well, it’s not so complicated. You can print your family photo, or photo of your children, dog and enjoy in your room. Like the previous idea, you can do it by yourself, but, it is better to leave it to the professionals. 

The third shutter depends on the window shape. If you have unusual window shape, you must use the same kind of shutter. For example, your window can look like a small house, top window is the triangular shape (roof) and the bottom is a rectangle. So, you just need that kind of shutters, maybe it will be more difficult to fit in and find appropriate measures but it is worth it. 

Fourth shutter style is for Western fans.  I think that everyone loves kind of doors in Western movies. Do you remember this type of door? Every bar had such a door. So, of course, you will not use it that way, because we are talking about window shutters. One shutter will be divided into two parts and each part will have the grip. With that grip, you will open and close shutters. You will feel for a moment like you are in the middle of a movie, going to the bar to catch a villain. 

 So,  it is up to you what kind of shutter you will use. The basic purpose is to protect you from sunlight, to provide you some privacy. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t add a dose of fun to everything you do. Pick according to your taste. Happiness is hiding in small things. That small thing, for example, is the shutter. Let that window and that shutter be an opening to your room of joy and fun.